We produce battery packs for aircraft such as drones or small planes

We produce extremely compact battery packs with high power or energy density technologies, depending on the application. The chemicals used are the safest on the market to ensure operation under all conditions.

Aeroplane battery packs vary depending on the needs of the aeroplane in question. However, there are some general specifications that we always take into account in their production: lightweight and compact packages, so as not to weigh too much on the aircraft with a high energy density to be able to provide enough energy for the flight. The capacity of the batteries will depend on the expected duration of the flight.

Safety is an important factor to consider, as batteries may be vulnerable to overheating or short circuits. This means that the batteries we produce have integrated protection mechanisms, battery management systems (BMS) and thermal protection devices.

We produce lithium battery packs with long life and the minimun lost of charge possible when they aren't in function for such a long period of time. 

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