The real heart of Galvani Power


Like all electrical systems managing high power and voltage, Galvani Power batteries prioritize safety, both from a product and working environment perspectives. This principle is applied in different ways such as:

  • Ensuring that the cells work within predetermined intervals, even at maximum performance or in extreme working conditions.
  • Ensuring that if an issue occurs, the battery is able to report it and act in such a way as to bring the system back into the safest condition.


Modularity is Galvani Power’s key to unlock reduced development times, and scalability for an entire product line while maintaining the best performance. Galvani Power focuses particularly on interfaces modularity for systems and production processes to cut down engineering costs while flawlessly adapting to clients’ solutions.


Galvani Power does not just offer its finished product, but provides support for the battery integration with the client’s solution. This service stems from our knowledge of both the complexity of the battery and its importance to achieve a system’s best performance. Our proactive approach ensures the best support through the electrification transition.

Control Electronics

To provide the best performance and safety, the lithium battery management system (BMS) plays a key role in all monitoring functions, battery management and control

Thanks to its BMS, Galvani Power batteries can:

  • Measure the electrical and thermal quantities of both individual cells and the system as a whole.
  • Evaluate the state of charge, energy and health to provide an overview of the battery’s current condition.
  • Define and ensure current, power, and voltage delivery within the established limits, as well as the appropriate temperature levels to maintain the ideal safety conditions.
  • Manage both charge and discharge phases, while communicating with the system through its control electronics


Battery’s performance depend mostly from the cells’ chemistry. Galvani’s technology, while focusing on LFP and LTO, does not poses any limit to the employment of other chemistries.

The right chemistry is selected according to the client’s requirement, aiming at a solution that delivers either the highest energy density favouring autonomy, or power density favouring performance.

Thermal Management

Temperature plays a crucial role in the battery’s management in terms of safety, performance, and lifespan. For this reason, Galvani Power’s batteries are developed to perform both cooling functions, to prevent potential dangerous reactions, and heating ones, to avoid significant battery life reductions.


The battery is the heart of an electric powertrain. For this reason it is extremely important to closely follow its life cycle, for regulatory reasons as well as to provide the client with a complete overview of the product’s performance and the appropriate guidelines on its usage and management.

To deliver this service, Galvani Power’s batteries are gauge constantly all internal performance to avoid risks and optimise lifespan and energy efficiency.

End of life

Galvani Power firmly believes that this technological transition should always go hand in hand with environmental sustainability and never compromise it. For this reason the entire life cycle of the batteries is closely followed thanks to its development taking also into account its usage after the installation, which can later translate into:

  • Reuse, whenever the battery is entirely or even partially capable of delivering the required performance, ensuring also significant cost savings.
  • Recycling, which entails the battery’s careful disassembly, to recover every resource with the highest possible efficiency, and thus offsetting its production’s carbon footprint.

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