The whisper of electric vehicles, part 2

The afternoon sun casts long, dancing shadows on the sidewalk as we await the arrival of the electric bus. Around us, the life of the city flows peacefully, a melody of human activities without the usual background of roaring engines. There's a feeling of serene anticipation, a more natural rhythm that has taken the place of the once-frenetic pace. And then, with a barely perceptible noise, our bus arrives, gliding smoothly along its dedicated lane. The vehicle is a masterpiece, with clean lines and a shiny body that reflects the city's colors, and every component, from the engine to the batteries, is designed to maintain standards of efficiency and sustainability.

As we board, we immediately notice the fresh and unconditioned air, a pleasant change from the stagnant atmosphere of buses past. The seats are surprisingly comfortable, upholstered in soft fabrics made from completely recycled materials, displaying vibrant, natural patterns that evoke forests, oceans, and blue skies, reflecting the most distant past and the most vivid present, at last.

The buses of the past were noisy beasts, spewing clouds of exhaust and shaking the ground. Now, what dominates is an almost surreal tranquility, interrupted only by the soft conversations of passengers and the slight noise of wheels on asphalt. Looking out of the window, we observe the faces of the people. There's a different energy in them: the skin, once dull and marked by environmental aggressions, now appears bright and clean, smiles are wider, eyes shine without the irritation caused by smog. The element that most captures our attention is people's hair, which tells a story, finally freed from the oppression of a polluted environment. They maintain a natural shine, falling free and moved by the wind without the accumulation of dust or harmful particles. Each strand seems to retain the personal scent of its owner, a small but significant reminder of the regained purity of the air.

The city itself transforms before our eyes as we travel. Green corners have multiplied, small parks, and urban gardens spring up in spaces once forgotten, offering havens of tranquility and connection with nature. Beyond the metropolis's boundaries, the surrounding countryside shines with a rejuvenated vitality, a silent invitation to explore the timeless beauty of the earth without the veil of pollution. And that's exactly where we're headed.

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