Lithium batteries for lawn mowers

But what happens when, armed with lawnmowers, we are faced with an empty battery? This is a common problem that many people face, but fortunately there is a solution. Lithium batteries are quickly becoming the preferred choice to power lawnmowers even without wires, offering a number of advantages over traditional lead batteries.
Before going into the detail of lithium batteries, it is important to understand how lawn mowers work and where they get their power. There are three main types of lawnmowers: diesel, electric and hybrid that combine both.

Diesel lawnmowers are considered dated and operate exclusively on petrol, driven by a rope started. The most common electric lawnmowers can be powered directly from the mains or via lithium battery, offering a quieter and more environmentally friendly solution. Hybrid lawnmowers combine both the petrol engine and the battery, offering more power and longer battery life.

If you are looking for a new battery for your lawn mower, lifepo4 batteries are an excellent choice. These lithium batteries use iron phosphate for the cathode material, offering exceptional durability and greater safety than other types of lithium batteries. From Galvani Power this technology is available.
With lithium batteries, you can say goodbye to low battery problems and enjoy a well-tended garden without a hitch.

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