What is modularity?

What does it mean to implement a system in a modular way?

A modular system is divided into separate functional units, called modules, clearly identified and characterized by a manageable level of complexity. For example, an apartment building can be seen as a system made of several related units: the architectural structure, the electrical one, the hydraulic system etc. Similarly, the creator of a modular battery must strive to use the principle of modularity to obtain a clear frame within which to organize the product he is building.

In practice, modularity means identifying well-defined modules in which the product can be decomposed, so that each feature is confined to a single module. So it means being able to change how a module is done without having to act on the entire product.

In this perspective, Galvani Power, is based on modularity not just of the battery itself but of all the processes that are underlie its creation, implementation and use, so that it can be used not only on a single "object" but on multiple, with apparently different characteristics.

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