Pawpreneur - episode 12

Welcome to the magical space of Pawpreneur!


Click here: Ascolta "12 - Il pitch di VoLpe per introdursi al mondo degli investitori" su Spreaker. 


Today Duli and Auro know fox, an enterprising and fascinating Arctic fox that has created a unique startup.

With thick fur and unique adaptations to survive in extreme environments, fox has won the attention of potential investors. His startup consulting to live in environments not easy for classic foxes offers opportunities for life and growth to all foxes, despite the challenges that nature can present.

Auro and Duli explain how to create an engaging and personalized pitch, which the fox will have to use for a meeting with a possible investor, exploiting their skills of perseverance and adaptability.

In addition, the funding obtained will allow Fox to realize his vision and promote the startup, attracting new travel companions and creating a significant impact in his world

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