Pawpreneur - episode 13

In this episode of Pawpreneur, a magical space dedicated to startups and animals, Auro and Duli wonder what it would be like if a pigeon managed the marketing of a company.


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Despite Duli’s initial skepticism, Auro points out that pigeons have a strong sense of orientation and an ability to store specific places, qualities that could be exploited to reach customers in different parts of the world.

Deciding to hire the pigeon as marketing manager of Galvani Power, Auro and Duli explore the challenges and opportunities of this unusual but intriguing choice. The pigeon should work to increase sales of lithium batteries for industrial applications, focusing on finding new customers and retaining existing ones.

During the episode, the importance of professional communication and the use of technical terms in the lithium batteries sector is underlined. The pigeon could participate in trade fairs, industry conferences and use social media to promote the product.

Auro and Duli stress the importance of overcoming prejudices and being open to new ideas, stressing that every person, or pigeon, could make interesting contributions in the field of marketing.

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