Pawpreneur - The last one

In this last and exciting episode of Pawpreneur, Auro and Duli explore the concept of "unicorn" in the context of startups. They begin by explaining that the term "unicorn" refers to innovative startups that have achieved a market valuation of at least $1 billion without being listed on the stock exchange.


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Auro and Duli stress that becoming a unicorn is very difficult and explore key factors that can determine whether a company has the potential to become a unicorn or not.

During the episode, Auro and Duli cite some examples of Italian unicorn companies, such as Yoox, founded by Federico Marchetti, and Depop, a social shopping startup. Finally, they discuss the challenges and risks associated with excessive growth and the importance of striking a balance between growth and effective company management.

They conclude the episode by stressing that not all startups can become unicorns and that the main goal of a company should be to provide a quality product or service and meet the needs of customers. However, becoming a unicorn can be an ambitious and rewarding goal if managed properly.

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